The goals of my intervention are to help manufacturer to improve the quality of their product and to increase performance.

The following points will helps to understand that time is different and bring new ways of developpement and management are necessary :

  • Tools to improve quality of product and organisational results.
  • Improving current performance measurement.
  • Make challenges and decrease difficulties.
  • Discussing the evidence on how quantify quality of product can help reform the results.
  • Steps to ensure continuous improvements.
  • Understanding the impact of the quality product on the improvement results.
  • Analysing measures being taking to lessen the incidence of bad results.
  • Effect of information technology on quality of product. 
  • Measuring your performance : what works the best.
  • Critical success factors.
  • Budgeting and planning.
  • Discipline and based measures.
  • Learning how to evaluate your current performance measurement.