The goal of our work is to develop a new sport shoe capable to adjust to the needs of an athlete’s body and its movements. We will also offer, for the first time, an insert capable of an instantaneous and dynamic analysis of the moves of athletes, sedentary person, and of special need during a competition, an injury etc… Using new and more powerful materials, the first advantage of the shoe is that it respects the body structure of the athlete. In the long term, another advantage of the shoe is to quantify the movement and the mechanics of the high level athletes. Then the data can then be analysed rapidly by the coaches in order to achieve higher performance.

In the clinical cases, the use of the shoe allows us to:

  • A diagnosis of the activity of elderly people and patients who had recent surgery ;
  • An analysis and diagnosis of the pathological process specifically tar geting the foot
  • Rehabilitation after a surgery
  • To set up drills and instructions to improve the movement
  • To transmit data specifically targeting the elderly people;
  • To provide a help to the foot doctors and specialists to choose wisely the shoes in function of the sport
  • To provide relief for the working man by choosing a shoe that would reduce the stress on the foot;
  • To understand and to guide the rehabilitation process of the injured patients so that they can recover fully and rapidly.